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Profile system bluEvolution

The window of the future

bluEvolution unites future-oriented top technology and modern, pragmatic design in the new generation of first-rate windows. The optimised 6-chamber profile with a construction depth of 92 mm produces brilliant thermal insulation and excellent energy efficiency. Combined with a filigree visible height of only 118 mm, solar gains thanks to high light incidence and the ecological sustain ability of a 100 % recyclable vinyl, bluEvolution is the window system of the future. bluEvolution is in many aspects the right decision for your new building, conversion or renovation.


Perfection – made in Germany –

  • Extremely high level of quality thanks to permanent monitoring of the profile production process
  • High profile standards according to RAL A-guidelines
  • High-grade materials and sophisticated processing ensure a long useful life and maintenance of value
  • Minimum care needed thanks to the highly condensed surface

Protection from heat loss, heat and cold– optimal energy efficiency

Excellent thermal insulation, thus cutting heating costs and CO2 emissions makes bluEvolution a really climate friendly window system

Protection of the climate and the environment

– sustainable for generations –

Trend-setting sustainability thanks to design for the planned requirements of the next German Energy Economy Ordinance Recyclability of the entire window profile thanks to first-rate vinyl that can be separated by material types for recycling

Protection from noise, burglary and driving rain

– secure all round, optimally protected –

Comforting protection from noise, driving rain and burglary thanks to the high construction depth and the three sealing levels

Shape and colour – stylish diversity –

Broad design spectrum of shapes and colours with modern slim profile views