Alukon Roller shutter

alukon6Roller shutters and exterior blinds increase the value of your house. They make your home safer, you need less energy, your indoor climate improves and your house receives an individual mark.

ALUKON Roller shutter systems: ALUKON front-mounted roller shutter

Stability:Boxes and slats made of corrosion-resistant aluminium – thus stable, durable, easy to maintain and recycable.

Operating convenience: endless – no matter whether belt drive, cord-operation, gearing or electric drive with programmable security through intelligent, scheduled single or group operation.

Ecology: Roller shutter slats with PUR-foam. Boxes and guide channels with TGIC-free powder coating.

Front-mounted roller shutters with roll-formed boxes

Roller shutter boxes made of roll-formed aluminium do not just look good, but also offer a big variety of forms. They are weather resistant and durable. All ALUKON front-mounted roller shutter boxes have a hinge connection. Roll formed roller shutter boxes are available in all RAL-colours as well as a selected range of structured colours. They can be combined with an integrated insect-repelling system.